Episode 61

Published on:

29th Aug 2021

Highlander The Series Ep. 57

Duncan meets an old enemy who's seemingly turned over a new leaf as well as a new identity. John Kirin, formerly Kage. After the brutal amorality of Kage, can Duncan let John Kirin attempt to make penance? Is Mac a judge, or an executioner? Find out by downloading now!

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About the Podcast

I Freaking Love Highlander, Why Don't You!?
A show where I go through the Highlander franchise and talk about why I love it and wonder about why people don't.
I'm a long-time fan of the Highlander series and grew up watching the movies and shows. I've always loved all of it and want to talk about it. I know the show and most movies are not universally adored and I want to talk about that too. That's why I'm going through all the franchise, starting with the movies, then the shows. This is a great show to revisit Highlander with or to get a taste before diving in yourself.

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